• "Shyfted is super valuable if you’re looking for someone to cover you!" - Lauren, Nurse Practitioner

  • "Shyfted and its content is great - the UI, profiles and job searching... so easy to use." - Kelvin, Nurse Practitioner

There's a better way to find coverage for shifts.

Are staffing gaps leaving your organization vulnerable and compromising patient care? Bring them together to chat, connect and trade shifts — in an easy-to-use mobile app. No more relying on scattered social media and text groups or juggling multiple communication channels.

Too many unfilled positions?

  • Healthcare professionals can't find their own locum coverage

  • They have to go on leave and are burnt out

  • Patients aren't looked after while they're away

Shyfted is a mobile app customized for each healthcare team to share and connect for locum coverage.

Is Shyfted right for my team?

Your team members can cover each other's shifts, tap into each other's skills, and reach out to one another for support.

Primary Care Providers

Give them peace of mind that their patients are well-cared for while they are on leave.

Health Systems

Give your team of independent contractors an easy way to connect with each other to swap shifts.

Hospital Employees

Simplify scheduling by inviting site teams to post their own needs for a pool of locum staff to see.

"Shyfted solved a challenge facing the province for many years. Using Shyfted will be increasingly important in the future as more and more NPs work as independent contractors and enjoy the ability to be mobile in British Columbia with a flexible schedule. At a patient level, this app has contributed to reducing inequities by improving access to care, decreasing healthcare fragmentation, and improving healthcare provider resilience."

Dr. Eliza Henshaw

Executive Director, NP Provincial Initiatives and Programs, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of British Columbia (NNPBC)

For Managers

Are you managing a group of healthcare professionals who trade shifts with each other?

Shyfted is a platform that lets colleagues find each other to cover their shifts and stay in touch.

Move Out of Social Media

Give everyone a space to connect that's outside of social media - so everyone can participate.

Get Better Visibility

Easily stay on top of what’s happening by seeing new opportunities posted, successful swaps and things being talked about.

Post Community Messages

Share important messages with everyone and spark conversations through the in-app chat.

For Healthcare Professionals

Struggling to find someone to cover your shifts?

Find someone to cover you

Post your shift so people who can cover you can can find it. Share important details like dates and location.

Find work

Looking for an opportunity? Search openings that match your criteria.

Find each other

Get to know more people in your community and stay in touch easily.

App Features

Post positions, search openings, connect with one another

Impact on Healthcare Professionals

Shyfted is helping healthcare professionals find coverage so they can go leave and know that their patients are getting the care they need.

As a new nurse practitioner, I really appreciate having this app.


Nurse Practitioner

I always thought what if I need coverage one day… How do I find a locum? Shyfted is something we’ve been missing.


Nursing Student

Shyfted is helping to get the word out there so I can find a locum for a few weeks while I take a medical leave.


Nurse Practitioner

Shyfted is made by the team at Cue North.

Get in touch: shyfted@cuenorth.com 

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